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> > On 1-Jan-2003 there was an incremental Bin Utils release. I have
> > not seen any info on this version.
> > 
> > Does anyone know if any of the changes will affect us?
> Currently if you try to build the sources with debugging on with gcc 3.2.1 and
> binutils 2.13, it will crash in the DXE build. It has been mentioned before on
> this list that the bug that causes this crash has been fixed in a later
> binutils release. I haven't checked this, though.
> What would the package be called? We currently have bnu213b, etc. bn21321b?
> bu21321b?

Unless it fixes working with UPX, or someone understands why these changes
are happening - I think we should just say NO to newer binutils and stick
with something older that works.  But that's up to whoever is using it :-)

Downgrading to something newer, just because it's newer and buggier, isn't
always the right thing to do.

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