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Subject: Re: Compiling Debian packages for DJGPP ?
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Martin Stromberg wrote:
... snip ...
> If you crave an open source 16-bit DOZE compiler, look at
> <>.
> There's also some start on (and abandoned) 16-bit GCC by DJ at
> <>. I've read on news that
> somebody actually have built this (more hacking possibly required)
> successfully. But being GCC (flat program space) you can only build
> .COM programs which have a 64kiB limit on size.

Actually .COM programs have a <64k limit on code.  Data can be
anything available.  They start off owning the whole memory arena,
thus TSR's have to release the portion they don't use.  Addressing
is not particularly easy, the scheme is designed for assembly use.

The key characteristics are:  Single segment load.  No separate
stack segment.  CS=DS=ES=SS on entry. Entry at 0100h.  

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