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Subject: Re: Compiling Debian packages for DJGPP ?
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Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 08:29:59 +0100 (MET)
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Jeremie said:
> I'm planning to try compiling some Debian packages for FreeDOS, using
> DJGPP. I too shy to use the word "debian port", but that's the idea ;).
> 2. This would give you, DJGPP folks, a feedback on how able DJGPP is to
> compile a ton of software originally written for *nix. Working together
> we could extend the compatibility even more.

Err... djdev*.zip (libc and DJGPP specific programs) compiles in
FreeDOS. Many (all ported except there might name clashes with only
8.3 file names, I suppose) GNU programs compile in MS-DOZE. If they
compile or work with MS-DOZE and not FreeDOS, it's a bug in FreeDOS.

Granted Debian has many many packages not originating from GNU,
perhaps you mean them?



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