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From: "Andrew Cottrell" <acottrel AT ihug DOT com DOT au>
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Subject: Re: djgpp/manifest fixed; mkdist11.bat/nobins patch
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 18:49:13 +1100
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> We could add another "if not exist" after the first one and jump to
> a new label - but it really needs errorlevel checks on everything
> if you plan to make it robust.
Here is what I use. It catches most errors that I have found so far amd had
the errorlevel checking, but it does not include the extra line from

if "%DJGPP%"=="" goto error

if exist ..\zips\readme.1st del ..\zips\readme.1st
if exist ..\zips\copying.lib.*    del ..\zips\copy*.*
if exist ..\zips\      del ..\zips\*.zip

cp ../readme.1st ../zips
cp ../copying* ../zips

call mkdist1 djdev204 Development Kit and Runtime
if errorlevel = 0 goto base1
goto failure
call mkdist1 djlsr204 Base Library Sources
if errorlevel = 0 goto test
goto failure
call mkdist1 djtst204 Test Programs
if errorlevel = 0 goto cross
goto failure
call mkdist1 djcrx204 For Cross-to-DOS Compiling (subset of djdev)
if errorlevel = 0 goto time
goto failure
call mkdist1 djtzn204 Extra Timezone Support Files
if errorlevel = 0 goto timesrc
goto failure
call mkdist1 djtzs204 Timezone Sources and Utils
if errorlevel = 0 goto rename
goto failure

goto end

@echo Program error detected, exiting
goto end

@echo ERROR DJGPP environment not setup


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