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Subject: Re: djgpp/manifest fixed; mkdist11.bat/nobins patch
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Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 14:53:15 -0600 (CST)
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> > Want to add this line to mkdist1.bat (to automatically build nobins if
> > it doesn't exist):
> >   cp manifest/%1.mft manifest/%1.tmp
> > + if not exist distrib\nobins.exe gcc -s -O2 distrib/nobins.c -o distrib/nobins.exe
> >   distrib\nobins @distrib/p/%1/nobins < manifest\%1.tmp > manifest\%1.tm2

> What happens if gcc fails to build nobins.exe? I think it should exit cleanly.

Is that really necessary, given the procedure continues on all other
failures (such as run-time aborts, missing images, etc?)  Right now 
there is no makefile or instructions that nobins should be built at all,
it just spews error messages the first time you run it, you see them
and fix it ...

Definitely expert driven software :-)

We could add another "if not exist" after the first one and jump to
a new label - but it really needs errorlevel checks on everything
if you plan to make it robust.

(I didn't have zip in my djgpp path, and the Win2K find was before
the djgpp one - so the procedure just needs to be watched ...) 

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