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From: sandmann AT clio DOT rice DOT edu (Charles Sandmann)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: djgpp/manifest fixed; mkdist11.bat/nobins patch
To: djgpp-workers AT delorie DOT com (DJGPP developers)
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 13:30:09 -0600 (CST)
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Reply-To: djgpp-workers AT delorie DOT com

I added a .cvsignore (.dsm, .ver, .mft) which suppresses the cvs warnings
about these - and that creates the directory.  No more djdev202.ver in HEAD.

fixed a number of other things to make a cvs co followed by builds and
mkdist give a clean cvs update and clean builds.

Want to add this line to mkdist1.bat (to automatically build nobins if
it doesn't exist):

*** mkdist1.bak Mon Nov 25 13:58:42 2002
--- mkdist1.bat Tue Feb  4 13:19:30 2003
*************** echo manifest/%1.dsm>>manifest\%1.mft
*** 26,31 ****
--- 26,32 ----
  if not exist distrib\p\%1\nobins goto dobins
  echo nobins...
  cp manifest/%1.mft manifest/%1.tmp
+ if not exist distrib\nobins.exe gcc -s -O2 distrib/nobins.c -o distrib/nobins.exe
  distrib\nobins @distrib/p/%1/nobins < manifest\%1.tmp > manifest\%1.tm2
  mv manifest/%1.tm2 manifest/%1.mft

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