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Subject: Re: /djgpp/manifest
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> > The ver and mft files are built by the scripts in the distrib
> > directory of djgpp's CVS.  Joe Random Hacker can run mkdist and build
> > them himself.
> mkdist requires quite a lot of other packages.  I'm not sure we should
> ask for them.
> What's the problem of having these files in the CVS?  No one ever changes
> them except when a distro is made.

My 2cents worth as a joe hacker who satrted off in exactly this situation in
the middle of 2001 in trying to get a working DJGPP  setup on W2K that I
just installed and wouldn't (and still sometimes don't) take no for an

If joe hacker wants to rebuild the files then IMHO as a hackjer
and a package re-builder they should have access to the requried packages.
If you are a hacker you are expected to be resourceful and if you are
rebuilding libc then you should have all of the tools in order to rebuild
any package.


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