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Subject: Re: [kasal AT math DOT cas DOT cz: new grep release]
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2003 20:09:11 +1100
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> > grep 2.5.1 from configures (used "./configure"), builds and
> > tests with DJGPP 2.03 & CVS. This is with gcc 3.2.1 and binutils 2.13.
> Thanks for testing.

The tarball has the same date and size as the one I started with and so far
no problems have been encounted.

> > This doesn't have any of the colourisation support that Andrew puts in
> > packages on clio.
> Perhaps someone should send the patches for the color support to the
> maintainer.
The color support was done by Eli who ported them to the 2.5.1 that I had
available last year. I will send Eli's color patch email to the maintainer


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