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Subject: Re: Add @tindex for types in docs [PATCH]
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On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Richard Dawe wrote:

> Here is a patch to @vindex to the docs for all the structs and typedefs.

I'm not sure we should prefix each struct name with the word "struct": 
that would make almost all of the index entries start with that word.  
Imagine someone who types "i struct TAB" inside Info and gets a very long 
list of possible completions.

How about reversing the word order, like this:

  @tindex stat AT r{ structure}
  @tindex div_t AT r{ type}

(etc., you get the idea)?

I originally thought about simply "@tindex stat" etc., but that would make 
two index entries for "stat" with no easy way to understand where each one 
of them leads.  Thus the addition of "structure" and "type" (or maybe we 
should use "data type" for the latter).


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