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Subject: Re: DJGPP headers: C99, free-standing, bugfixes [PATCH]
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Richard Dawe wrote:
> Below is a patch to add C99 sections to the remaining headers.

It appears I forgot to recompile after a change to <stdint.h>, which broke the
build. So the patch is broken.

__STDC_VERSION__ is not currently defined by default by gcc, because it
defaults to C89 mode. The change I made to <stdint.h> meant that the
definitions would only be made if the compiler was invoked with -std=c99,
which defines __STRICT_ANSI__ and breaks the compilation of other sources.

The solution is to make the free-standing definitions for the C99 section to
be made if C99 || !__STRICT_ANSI__, as they are in the non-free-standing

Patch to follow...

Bye, Rich =]

Richard Dawe [ ]

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