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Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 08:24:49 +0200 (IST)
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On Sat, 1 Feb 2003, Charles Sandmann wrote:

> aborts.  The default behavior is to add the extra information to the
> screen, but input or output from files can be specified with the
> @code{-o} and @code{-i} switches.

Please use @option for command-line switches.

> If @command{bfdsymify} is installed
> @command{symify} will pass the arguments to @command{bfdsymify}.

I'd suggest a "@pindex bfdsymify" here.

> @command{symify} reads the debug information from the executable you
> specify on the command line (with .exe extension) and puts it after the

I think ".exe" should be in @file.

> @item -o output.dmp
> Output to file.  @command{symify} copies the traceback plus symbolic

This is better written as:

  @item -o @var{output-file}

  Output to the specified file @var{output-file}.

> @item -i input.dmp
> Input from file.  @command{symify} reads the stack trace from the file

Same here.

There are similar issues with FSDB docs.

> @command{fsdb} is a full screen debugger for DJGPP images.  See the internal
> help for more information on usage.

I think we should explain here (and in the edebug32 section) how to call 
up the internal help screen.  It's not at all obvious, IMHO.

I suggest to document the FSDB environment variables as well.


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