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Subject: Re: Time for a 2.04 alpha release on Simtel.NET?
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Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2003 20:14:00 -0600 (CST)
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> > The updated dxegen/dxeload will potentially effect everything without
> > an FPU.
> How close to completion is that? 

Iterating to completion.  DXE3 has been modified to be backward compatible,
DXE1 has been extended to support new things.  It's not all there yet - it
needs around 8 hours of time to finish out.

> Could it be pushed into 2.05? 

Really no - it needs to be the new foundation in the new libc so each
distribution gets it.

> I know the DXE upgrades are important, to stop iconv bloating all the 
> executables. Perhaps we could push that out into the betas?

Maybe, but it's risky for FPU emulator users.

> > There is also the unfinished business with malloc() ...
> Has anything happened with regard to its memory debugging interface? I.e.: is
> it a slot-in replacement for the current malloc() yet?

Nothing yet

> Should we now consider malloc() to be 2.05 material?

Well, if we do that, then someone needs to fix the current libc free() to
early out if there are lots of items in the free list.

> 2.04 already has some big changes. If we wait any longer, I suspect it may not
> come out this year!

I believe alphas should be substationally feature complete.  Is C99 done
(or as done as we plan?)

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