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Subject: DJGCPP Clio 2.04 New Alpha update for 1-Feb-2003 now available
Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003 11:01:14 +1100
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The unofficial DJGPP 2.04 alpha url is:-

The following are the main changes since the last update from 19-Jan-2003:-

Changes for 01-Feb-2003
1) Built using DJGPP CVS LIBC sources of 01-Feb-2003
2) Updated to latest Which 2.14
3) Applied ELI's GREP patch from 2002 to add color support for DJGPP.
Updated source available.
4) Re-built Find utils now allows GCC to be built, there was some problem
with the CVS LIBC which is now fixed.
5) Added GNU libiconv 1.7 (
6) Added Bzip2 1.02 (
7) Added Recode 3.5  (
8) Added Readline 2.2 (
9) Updated GZip alpha to 1.3.5 (

Please note :-
1) Grep 2.5.1 sources still do not follow a normal DJGPP build process.
2) I still need to do a regression test on the packaegs by re-building the
packages on another PC to ensure that I  have not missed something. This may
not be done for up to a week becuase of other time comitements.


P.S. WinSCP 2.2 has been officially released. I use this to do the uploads
to Clio.

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