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Subject: Re: Time for a 2.04 alpha release on Simtel.NET?
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Charles Sandmann wrote:
> > Is it time for a 2.04 alpha release on Simtel.NET? I can't think of
> > anything major holding a release back. It's probably about time too. ;)
> I really wanted to get docs for stubify done, and
> Get updated dxegen done.
> The first is quick - I might get it done today but low risk to add and
> won't break much.
> The updated dxegen/dxeload will potentially effect everything without
> an FPU.

How close to completion is that? Could it be pushed into 2.05? I know the DXE
upgrades are important, to stop iconv bloating all the executables. Perhaps we
could push that out into the betas?

> There is also the unfinished business with malloc() ...

Has anything happened with regard to its memory debugging interface? I.e.: is
it a slot-in replacement for the current malloc() yet?

Should we now consider malloc() to be 2.05 material?

2.04 already has some big changes. If we wait any longer, I suspect it may not
come out this year!

Bye, Rich =]

Richard Dawe [ ]

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