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From: VERSTEEGH M <M DOT Versteegh AT cpedu DOT rug DOT nl>
Organization: RuG Onderwijs Nat/Sch
To: djgpp-announce AT delorie DOT com
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 1997 14:32:09 MET
Subject: WHAM windowing system
Reply-to: m DOT versteegh AT cpedu DOT rug DOT nl

    A new version of the WHAM archive is put on my homepage this 
    contains version 1 beta.
    during code-prettifications some errors were made in the examples
    the new archive is also stripped of all binaries(for size reasons)
    WHAM can be obtained from
    I also uploaded it to for the directory 
    /pub/msdos/programming/djgpp2 but I don't know when they will move 
    it from the incoming dir.
    WHAM = Windows for Allegro by Martijn (I know this doesn't 
    include the H, but an acronym should spell something)
    WHAM is a C++ library for easily implementing a windowed interface
    for your programs(using Allegro)
    some of it's features
        -overlapping resizable windows
        -windows in windows
        -all the allegro graphics function work on a window(a window 
            is basically an Allegro memory bitmap)
        (-source code needing some lay-out prettification ;-)
 please send any comments to   m DOT versteegh AT cpedu DOT rug DOT nl

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