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Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 23:31:00 -0500
From: Christopher Faylor <cgf AT redhat DOT com>
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Subject: Re: tty and the cygwin server
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On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 03:18:52PM +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Christopher Faylor" <cgf AT redhat DOT com>
>> Probably it is looking like stdin (the pty) is being closed for some
>> reason.  That seems to be what's happening from the strace.  Or it has
>> received a signal?  You should be able to attach to the process via
>> and watch it happen.
>heh. debug output help needed (I feel like a fr8**ing newbie).
>(gdb) attach 3648
>Attaching to program `/bin/sh.exe', process 3648
>[Switching to thread 3648.0xe14]
>(gdb) step
>Single stepping until exit from function _system_dlls__,
>which has no line number information.

You have to set some break points.  You're single stepping in an unknown
location in an unknown thread.

You probably also have to switch to the correct thread.  It may be
thread 1 but with ttys there are more threads involved.

info threads will display the thread.  "thread 1" will switch to
it.  "bt" will show a back trace.  It's possible that the back trace
will be inaccurate in some cases due to system dll "frame pointerless"

>Program exited with code 0200400.
>                      ^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^
>How should this code be interpreted? do_exit()

>(gdb) attach 2652
>Attaching to program `/bin/sh.exe', process 2652
>[Switching to thread 2652.0xbb0]
>(gdb) stepi
>0x77f970a4 in _system_dlls__ ()

0x77* is a system DLL.

I think the command is "info shared" to list DLLs but since my cygwin
installation is currently hosed, I can't check.


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