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Subject: Re: setup.exe command line options
From: Robert Collins <robert DOT collins AT itdomain DOT com DOT au>
To: Keith Starsmeare <keith_starsmeare AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk>
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On Sat, 2001-10-27 at 05:49, Keith Starsmeare wrote:
> One other thing would be a --help option, is there a way that I can output
> to stdout? printf, and fprintf(stdout,..) don't output to the command line.
> I'm currently using fprintf(stderr, ..), which brings up a handy dialog box,
> for tracing.

The console from gui-mode program issue has been covered twice recently,
I think on cygwin-xfree86 and on cygwin-apps. 

IMO for setup a simple dynamically constructed window with the options
written therein is appropriate. However, in terms of gain-to-time,
having the options working is much more important, we can always
document them on the web site somewhere until setup can spit them out

And, in fact, external only doco might be worth doing as a preference,
to avoid the nonsense "I ran setup with --foo and it did bar"... "Have
you read the setup.exe documentation?" "What Documentation?" "The FAQ!"
"No, I simply ran with -? and guessed at what would happen!" style


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