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Subject: Re: MinGW compilation on Windows
References: <D987EE70-C983-11D5-A140-0030653FA742 AT eecs DOT berkeley DOT edu>
From: Dmitry Bely <dbely AT mail DOT ru>
Date: 26 Oct 2001 16:56:21 +0400
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Andrew Begel <abegel AT eecs DOT berkeley DOT edu> writes:

> That's not the problem. MinGW doesn't pretend to do more than it
> advertises; simply a gcc that accepts both windows and unix style
> paths,

So "gcc -mno-cygwin" does, as well as any other Cygwin application which


A bit more flexible than Mingw, isn't it? :-)

> and produces executables that link with Microsoft libraries
> rather than cygwin1.dll. The build environment that MS provides is
> pretty crappy. I'm porting Linux apps, and I like cygwin's unixy side
> for development. I just need the apps to be compiled without
> cygwin. (Oh, did I mention these were C++ apps that I'm making? Those
> require MinGW's g++ compiler, unless cygwin is now distribution
> (again) the C++ support libraries/headers for MinGW?)

Again, what is the problem with "gcc -mno-cygwin", if mingw-build C++
libraries are supplied?


> Yes, I want a), but I want to use MinGW's gcc compiler, not Cygwin's
> cross compiler.

You have not convinced me that you *really* need Mingw-build gcc.

> Since the include directories are different (see
> above) I need to distinguish between the two at some point in the
> configure/compile process....

You needn't. All paths that Mingw-build gcc accepts is also acceptable for
Cygwin-build gcc (no matter is -mno-cygwin flag used or not). As for your
application sources (XEmacs or whatever), they should *not* rely on the
place where the system include files resides. If they do, it's very bad
programming style, if not to say more ...

Hope to hear from you soon,

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