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Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 01:41:42 -0400
From: Christopher Faylor <cgf AT redhat DOT com>
To: cygwin-developers AT cygwin DOT com
Subject: Re: Need name and functionality suggestions for a new utility
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On Wed, Oct 24, 2001 at 03:33:15PM +1000, Robert Collins wrote:
>> > I don't think I want to go that crazy.  This is just for 
>> > cygwin objects.
>> > Theoretically, the whole mount table will look different so mmap
>> > objects, at least, will refer to different paths anyway.
>> Ahh, touch /t
>> run prog that mmaps to /t
>> will conflict unless the named objects are created using 
>> win32 paths as
>> their basis. And for canonical behaviour using the unix path 
>> makes sense
>> to me.
>I should mention why I'm concerned:
>The first thing that will happen when this utility is available is that
>anyone having multiple-cygwin-cross-comple-vendor-tools-issues
>(remember the list recently) will try it.  If it's suitable for running
>an isolated test suite, but not for production side by side use, I can
>just imagine the traffic volume.

I still don't see the mmap issue but there may be some uses of naming
objects in cygwin that don't use shared_name().  I think I even
introduced one recently.  If so, they should be fixed.

You're right that I didn't think about the potential mailing list issues
surrounding this.  That's odd for me.  I guess I should go to bed.

If this isn't generally useful, then I can just make this Red
Hat-internal.  And, I'll send apologies to everyone for making you
think about this.  I think that it may have some general use, though.

For instance, I'm now testing a "GNUpro" release on my W2K system and
find that I can't track down bugs in the net release because it
conflicts with the running compilation.  This would alleviate that

So, this utility would be useful to cygwin developers at least.

However, I can see that people could try to use it to work around
release issues.  Brr...

"I upgraded to cygwin 1.5.1 and found that I couldn't rsync my system
anymore so I moved rsync into a directory with cygwin 1.1.4 and used
cygisolate to run it.  It works great except for the fact that I can't
find the files that rsync has copied to my system.  What gives?"


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