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Subject: Re: CVS branches RFC
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 21:43:51 +1000
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From: "Earnie Boyd" <earnie_boyd AT yahoo DOT com>

If you want to see more doco about the scripts, goto, browse around a bit. Also look (via
viewscvs) at the CVSROOT module - there are extra scripts there to sync
up the two repositories - across _all_ branches.

> > Which, BTW is why I suggested these scripts - small they are, but
> > powerful too :}.
> >
> Yep. And Chris could have created a branch for his changes so as to
> destroy a working snapshot.  ;D.

Quite possibly ;]. All the folk who have commit access to the squid
production repository (there are 2 - one dev, one production) and commit
sweeping changes do the prepatory work on the dev repository under
various branches. Trivial stuff isn't worth making a branch for though -
and sometimes its hard to tell in advance how significant the work is
:]. So if I fix a format bug or something, I'll throw it in HEAD on the
production CVS, otherwise it gets branched.

Mind you, cygwin HEAD and squid HEAD are run somwhat differently. The
squid HEAD aims to _never_ get broken, whereas cygwin seems to be
allowed to be broken - temporarily.


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