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Subject: daemon...
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 14:27:57 +1000
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I've gotten the daemon able to track process's and fire off callback
procedures when a process quits. (Well not quite, I've got the tracking
and detection ok, had to take a brak then).

Annnyway, the point of this is that when a abnormal termination takes
place - (say) a shm attached process sigv'ing, the daemon can notice and
correct it's data structure - or shared ones. Using this example, the
nattach count needs to be decremented. Other possibilities include FIFO
reader/writer count management/removing unix socket files..

There may be more opportunities than that. This is something I hadn't
put up as a goal, cause I wasn't sure how hard it would turn out to be.

Anyway, I've also added a '(no)daemon' environment variable, which can
default to no, to allow a zero-impact period when the daemon is off by
default. (or even for specific builds).


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