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Subject: hierarchy in setup (category stuff)
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 08:39:02 +1000
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Well, I got a little time yesterday, and I've addded multiple categories
to setup, and got the basic setup view showing:

category  current new src name
           old   new   src  name
category 2
           old   new   src  name

I now have the following questions:

1) Are there any other _inital_ actions for category other than
2) I've got two views for categorys - full and normal as per the current
layout. full shows all packages and categories. normal shows what the
current "part" layout does. But categorised. Empty categorys show up
with no children.
3) What should the inital category view be - expanded or collapsed?
4) Should category should uncategorised packages appear as?
"Uncategorised" seems singularly unappealing..


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