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From: cgf AT cygnus DOT com (Christopher Faylor)
Subject: Re: winsup-990126: Strange problem with cvs 1.10
29 Jan 1999 21:25:16 -0800 :
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To: Corinna Vinschen <corinna DOT vinschen AT cityweb DOT de>,
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Sure sounds like CYGWIN=binmode to me.


On Sat, Jan 30, 1999 at 01:41:56AM +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>I have found a problem with the last snapshot and cvs
>If I want to exec a
>	cvs diff foo
>cvs is suddenly convinced, that the file foo was changed
>in _every_ line, which is not the case. This happens with
>every file, it's 100% reproducable.
>The two previous snapshots, I've used, winsup-981230 and
>winsup-981223, doesn't have this phenomenon.
>I have search in STRACE outputs, but I didn't find the

cgf AT cygnus DOT com

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