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From: noer AT cygnus DOT com (Geoffrey Noer)
Subject: Mount improvements finished
27 Jan 1999 14:52:50 -0800 :
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Hi all,

I've concluded my work on improving the mount system in Cygwin.
The latest (Jan 26) snapshot from the snapshot web page contains
all of the checkins.  Since you also need a matching mount.exe and
umount.exe, I've put a copy of the new winsup directory sources,
prebuilt DLL, and matching copies of mount/umount in the old
snapshot location (

If you haven't used a snapshot since Jan 15, the latest DLL will
automatically upgrade your mount tables to the new format the first
time you run a Cygwin program that uses the new DLL.  There is
also an import flag on the mount utility that forces a copy from the
old mount layout to the new one.

In short, these changes make Cygwin:

* use a new registry mount layout

* able to access and change both current user and system wide mounts
(if they have sufficient privs).

* replace the //<drive-letter>/ scheme with a system where mounts
are automatically made under the mount prefix /cygdrive.  This prefix
can be changed with the mount command as can the default flags for
automatic mounts.

Any comments are welcome, especially bug reports.


Geoffrey Noer
noer AT cygnus DOT com

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