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From: earnie_boyd AT yahoo DOT com (Earnie Boyd)
Subject: Re: Answer to your text == binary question
25 Jan 1999 06:21:59 -0800 :
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---Mikey <jeffdbREMOVETHIS AT goodnet DOT com> wrote:
> Chris /dev/hd[a-z][1-8] IS a device ;-)
> new automounts should default to whatever text/binary mode is set with
> [no]binmode, if '/' isn't already mounted.
> Obviously if someone sets nobinmode in their global configuration they
> wouldn't want binary mounts.
> otherwise default to the '/' mode
> That way a simple edit of cygwin.bat would allow you to set the mount
> mode of '/' on a fresh install.  something like the following could be
> added to cygwin.bat.

And if `[no]binmode' is not present the default automount for '/'
should remain nobinmode or I.E. text!=binary.

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