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Subject: Re: More on relative pathname
11 Jan 1999 08:13:34 -0800 :
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To: "Gordon Watts \(Brown University\)" <gwatts AT fnal DOT gov>,
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Hi Gordon,

I've tried your script.  I had to modify line 5 to be #!/bin/sh but
the script still fails as it is written.  If I modify line 16 to read
junk123/ it seems to work fine.

I tried different variations of this including but not limited to
changing the shell to bash and trying to execute with bash -c and sh -c

The error isn't an indication that it can't find the script file it is an indication that the file is locked and can't be
opened for reading.  Since I used both bash and sh and received the
same results this must be a bug with the winsup source.

The only workaround is to use the relative path to the file and not
rely on the PATH environment lookup.  BTW, another change I tried was
a `hash -r' command before the execution of


---"Gordon Watts (Brown University)" <gwatts AT fnal DOT gov> wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm still having the problem. I downloaded b20.1 and installed it
on a
> clean machine (hadn't seen versions of b19 or b20 or any other b
before). I
> still observe the error. I've included a small shell script below
> demonstrates the difficulty I'm having. Perhaps I'm making a
> unix mistake?
> 	Cheers,
> 		Gordon.
> ==============
> #!/bin/sh
> mkdir junk123
> cat > junk123/ <<EOF
> #/bin/sh
> echo hi
> chmod a+x junk123/
> PATH=./junk123:${PATH}
> export PATH
> echo Will now try to run the thing
> # I get an error on this line
> ==========

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