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From: noer AT cygnus DOT com (Geoffrey Noer)
Subject: Winsup snapshot with new Win32 API headers
11 Jan 1999 00:04:21 -0800 :
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Hi everyone,

So here's the deal.  I've imported the latest set of headers and def
files that Anders Norlander wrote recently.  We will probably switch
to them from our current header file set as soon as my last (?)
remaining problem with them is solved.

The problem is that when I compile Cygwin with the new headers, I get
a buggy cygwin1.dll that almost works -- commands executed from
cmd.exe work as expected except that you can't run anything from bash
(processes print out two Cygwin system error messages and then hang).
When I build the exact same Cygwin using the old header files,
everything works ok.  One symptom of the problem is that the stripped
cygwin1.dll built with the new headers is considerably smaller than
the original:

	Old headers	New ones
	-----------	--------
-g	4909250		3469990
strip	557056		466432

Perhaps this is a packing issue.  Maybe something else is going on.
But I haven't been able to track it down yet so I've made a special
winsup snapshot in case any of you would be willing to help.  If so,
grab the special winsup directory from:

In addition to the new winsup directory, you will need to replace
newlib/libc/include/sys/{time.h,types.h} with the ones in this
ftp directory.

Best regards,
Geoffrey Noer
noer AT cygnus DOT com

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