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From: dj AT delorie DOT com (DJ Delorie)
Subject: Re: binary incompat TODO [Re: Strange behaviour with latest snapshot]
8 Jan 1999 08:11:29 -0800 :
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References: <19990107204944 DOT A9498 AT cygnus DOT com>
To: cgf AT cygnus DOT com
Cc: khan AT xraylith DOT wisc DOT edu, cygwin32-developers AT cygnus DOT com

> >  - change all __imp__ to _imp__ ; or, better yet, use dllimport 
> >    attribute.  It actually may not break binary incompatibility, but 
> >    then again it may. It may sound to be a waste of effort, but it's 
> >    important for future possible compatibility with native compilers
> >    and tools.
> Is there any reason why we can't do this now?  All of the recent
> releases of cygwin and EGCS have supported this, right?

It's a trivial change to the linker and dlltool, if we decide to do

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