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From: cgf AT cygnus DOT com (Christopher Faylor)
Subject: Re: binary incompat TODO [Re: Strange behaviour with latest snapshot]
7 Jan 1999 18:00:58 -0800 :
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To: Mumit Khan <khan AT xraylith DOT wisc DOT edu>
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On Sun, Jan 03, 1999 at 10:22:44PM -0600, Mumit Khan wrote:
>Christopher Faylor <cgf AT cygnus DOT com> writes:
>> It is beginning to sound like we should release a B21 very soon which breaks
>> binary compatibility with older versions of cygwin.  The termios changes
>> were inavoidable but they may end up causing some problems.
>If we're going to break binary incompatibility, we should also do a few
>other things:
>  - change all __imp__ to _imp__ ; or, better yet, use dllimport 
>    attribute.  It actually may not break binary incompatibility, but 
>    then again it may. It may sound to be a waste of effort, but it's 
>    important for future possible compatibility with native compilers
>    and tools.

Is there any reason why we can't do this now?  All of the recent
releases of cygwin and EGCS have supported this, right?

I'd like to nuke my __imp_ changes for _ctype_, etc. in favor of this.


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