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From an NT security perspective an environment variable might allow a
telnet'd user to change the root directory and access sections of the 
system that were not intended.  If the root directory is stored in the 
registry this value can be locked down through NT security as can the 
/etc/fstab file, thus restricting the portions of the system a telnet 
user can easily access.

On the security subject would anyone object to a patch with a registry
setting to allow one to turn off the //Drive-letter notation.  More
precisely, this would be a patch to restrict access to only those files 
which are reachable off of the root or through a mount.

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If I remember the thread, I believe some consensus was reached that the 
registry is not required at all.  An assumption could be made that the 
/etc/fstab file could be found in a default place (C: I guess) unless 
some environment variable pointed to a different location.  There are 
obviously some fine details to make this all look consistent before and 
after the mounts exist but I think that's the flavor of the discussion. 
If I have this "synopsis" wrong or the general opinion has changed, feel 
free to correct me everyone!


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