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From: fujieda AT jaist DOT ac DOT jp (Kazuhiro Fujieda)
Subject: typo in
4 Jan 1999 05:30:38 -0800 :
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To: cygwin32-developers AT cygnus DOT com

There is an error in winsup/

---	Mon Jan 04 22:07:27 1999
+++	Mon Jan 04 22:07:38 1999
@@ -325,7 +325,7 @@
 DLL_STUFF=--as=$(AS) --dllname $(DLL_NAME) --def $(DEF_FILE) --base-file cygwin.base --output-exp cygwin.exp
-snew-$(DLL_NAME): $(DLL_OFILES) $(DEF_FILE) $(DLL_IMPORTS) $(LIBC_A) $(LIBM_A) Makefile version.o
+new-$(DLL_NAME): $(DLL_OFILES) $(DEF_FILE) $(DLL_IMPORTS) $(LIBC_A) $(LIBM_A) Makefile version.o
 	$(LD) --base-file=cygwin.base -s -o /dev/null $(LD_STUFF)
 	$(LD) --base-file=cygwin.base cygwin.exp -s -o /dev/null $(LD_STUFF)

  | AIST      Kazuhiro Fujieda <fujieda AT jaist DOT ac DOT jp>
  | HOKURIKU  School of Information Science
o_/ 1990      Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

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