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Subject: Questions on debug info
24 Nov 1998 12:54:39 -0800 :
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Hello Cygwin32-developers,

  Hope this is not offtopic.

  I'm  doing  some  fuss  with debugging information handling and have
some question on it:

  First  is more  thoretical,  just  to  get  understanding: COFF has
special  ad  hoc  structure to keep mapping from lines to address, but
it's  empty  with  Cygwin.  I  understand,  that  stabs supersede this
feature,  but is it not worth to have addr2line work on even non-debug
compiled executables?

  Second  is  more  practical:  how  to  correctly  get number of stab
records  in executable. Currently it seems to be done just by dividing
..stab  section  size by sizeof, but section is padded! So, objdump say
following on garbage at end of section:

190    EXCL   0      0      0000084a 2791   ../gcc-2.8.1/gbl-ctors.h
191    GSYM   0      3140   00000000 3017   _exit_dummy_decl:G(0,1)
192    SO     0      0      004011b0 1605
193    89     107    18773  77807b57 1414876744 *
194    LSYM   130    24171  8e7b7865 2005107337 *
195    112    135    40098  8b757590 2003666833 *
196    186    172    46498  c8d1d4c7 2979759755 *

, and "generic debugging support" of binutils just crashes on it.

  By the way, what status of that generic debugging support? It's nice
idea,  but  I don't understand where is it used, if, say, objdump uses
own routines, gdb, I'm certain, too. Is there any documentation on it?

Best regards,
 Paul                          mailto:paul-ml AT is DOT lg DOT ua

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