Mail Archives: cygwin-developers/1998/11/06

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03:23:45 Re: cygcheck (Eric Bachalo)
03:31:23 Re: [ RE: B20 patch: UNC device path handl (Corinna Vinschen)
03:52:05 B20 patch: Adding error codes (Corinna Vinschen)
03:58:55 B20 patch: fhandler_base::open() (Corinna Vinschen)
04:09:27 B20 patch: Recognition of raw mass storage devices (Corinna Vinschen)
04:51:28 RE: dll initialization (Sergey Okhapkin)
09:21:14 Re: dll initialization (Mumit Khan)
12:55:54 Building distributions -- a small suggestion (Mumit Khan)
14:45:47 [Fwd: exec of shell scripts] patch to it (Corinna Vinschen)
17:30:31 Re: [Fwd: exec of shell scripts] patch to it (Christopher Faylor)

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