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From: khan AT xraylith DOT wisc DOT edu (Mumit Khan)
Subject: Re: DLL init patch for loading cygwin DLL from MSVC app
28 Oct 1998 18:07:43 -0800 :
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References: <19981028203649 DOT A19759 AT cygnus DOT com>
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To: Christopher Faylor <cgf AT cygnus DOT com>
Cc: cygwin32-developers AT cygnus DOT com

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> This looks like way too much code duplication for me to be comfortable with
> it.  Every time we make a change to something in we'd have to
> remember to change it here, too.  I'm also changing some of this for
> some work in making cygwin thread safe.

I agree. I mostly wanted others' comment whether this type of
initialization was the right thing to do or not.

> What was the reason why you couldn't just call dll_crt0, again?

It was crashing somewhere deep within, but I'm running another build now 
to check. If it works, that'll of course be the preferred method.


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