Mail Archives: cygwin-developers/1998/10/28/11:37:53

From: khan AT xraylith DOT wisc DOT edu (Mumit Khan)
Subject: debugging cygwin DLL loaded by LoadLibrary??
28 Oct 1998 11:37:53 -0800 :
Message-ID: <>
To: cygwin32-developers AT cygnus DOT com

How can I debug a DLL that is loaded by LoadLibrary?? I've tried all I can
think of (eg., setting breakpoint at ImageBase + SectionAlignment), but no
luck. The only thing that comes close is aborting somewhere in the
startup, that doesn't let me continue anymore of course. 

Essentially I want to track the DLL initialization starting from the entry
point, so ideally I'd like to stop at whataver entry point the DLL is


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