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From: khan AT xraylith DOT wisc DOT edu (Mumit Khan)
Subject: Re: Q: Calling LoadLibrary from cygwin dll generates error
27 Oct 1998 09:32:46 -0800 :
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To: Corinna Vinschen <corinna DOT vinschen AT cityweb DOT de>
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On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> --------
> dll_entry AT 12
> [... plus 10 symbol definitions without '@' ...]

I don't think you should be exporting your DLL entry point, but that
shouldn't matter in this case I don't think.

Could you try out dllhelpers-0.2.4 and see if that helps? It provides
a portable DLL init function (incorporated in upcoming b20) which 
takes care of attaching to the DLL correctly.

If you've marked your exports in the code,
  $ dllwrap --add-stdcall-alias -o foo.1.dll [objs ...] [libs ...]

or, if you already have DEF file,

  $ dllwrap --def foo.1.def -o foo.1.dll [objs ...] [libs ...]

--add-stdcall-alias adds the aliases for @ symbols:
    foo AT 0 @ 1;
    foo = foo AT 0 @ 2;

Use the default entry point and DLL main instead of supplying your
own. See the examples. for download
info. The ftp site also has some examples of LoadLibrary -- see 
the loadlib-example*.tar.gz files.


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