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From: cgf AT cygnus DOT com (Christopher Faylor)
Subject: Re: Patch for building B20alpha4
24 Oct 1998 17:31:22 -0700 :
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To: Ron Parker <parkerrd AT hotmail DOT com>, cygwin32-developers AT cygnus DOT com

On Sat, Oct 24, 1998 at 09:30:22AM -0700, Ron Parker wrote:
>If one attempts to build the latest alpha from just the source that is 
>bundled in the bz2 files, the build will fail attempting to make 
> in winsup.
>More specifically, if the code was extracted from the archive into an 
>empty directory, there will be an error looking for CVS information.  
>This would not occur if the archive was extracted over an extant 
>directory that contained CVS directories or if the code was gotten out 
>of CVS.
>A patch is attached that addresses this.
>P.S. Geoff could you add me to the mailing list?

Geoff is not the mailing list maintainer, I am.

Send a subscribe message to the list and I'll approve it.


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