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Subject: Re: expect in b20a4?
23 Oct 1998 19:08:28 -0400 :
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Mumit Khan wrote:
> Good news is that expect is almost good enough to run the gcc/g++/etc
> dejagnu testsuites; bad news is that I'm getting segmentation violation
> after running 1700 tests or so on the average. Anybody seen it? I won't
> be able to debug it until next week, so hopefully it'll be fixed by
> then ;-)

I've successfully run "make check" on our entire devo tree without
fault or hang.  I don't know which of my changes are in the latest
beta; Geoff would know.  There were changes to both winsup and
expect, and I might have touched tcl's tclWinPipe.c as well,
and a new dejagnu/baseboards/cygwin.exp that disables some gdb tests.

The last change I made was in expect/exp_event.c in pipe_thread(),
which was to make select() time out in order to check EOF on the
pipe.  If you have this version (that pipe_thread *also*
calls PeekNamedPipe()), you probably have all my patches,
if B20 includes expect at all (Geoff?)

Before my patches, I'd also get faults after 1500-1600 gcc tests.
It's due to a number of subtle resource leaks that eventually
result in a Create*() call failing, but it isn't checked.

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