Mail Archives: cygwin-developers/1998/10/17/21:28:14

From: parkerrd AT hotmail DOT com (Ron Parker)
Subject: BUG: mount point/mount errors in B19 and B20 alphas
17 Oct 1998 21:28:14 -0700 :
Message-ID: <>
To: cygwin32-developers AT cygnus DOT com

I have D:\unix mounted as root the directory /usr exists and D:\usr is 
mounted as /usr.  If archive.tar contains usr/file.txt, when I "cd /" 
and "tar xf archive.tar" then file.txt is extracted to D:\unix\usr not 
D:\usr.  This is the mount point not the mount.

This occurs with B19 and the B20 alphas.

I cannot currently investigate this, but I thought it should be 

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