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From: fujieda AT jaist DOT ac DOT jp (Kazuhiro Fujieda)
Subject: bug of dup()
16 Oct 1998 12:31:17 -0700 :
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To: cygwin32-developers AT cygnus DOT com

In executing a pipelined sequence on bash, bash suddenly
read EOF and exit in a probability of a tenth. The following
is a very simple example to cause this problem.

$ echo | cat

I think this problem relate to the recent modifications
on I have already applied the patch included in
<19981015111953 DOT A839 AT cygnus DOT com>, but this problem isn't

This may become another source of the failure of the
configure script in egcs-1.1, because it includes many
pipelined sequences.
  | AIST      Kazuhiro Fujieda <fujieda AT jaist DOT ac DOT jp>
  | HOKURIKU  School of Information Science
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