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From: earnie_boyd AT yahoo DOT com (Earnie Boyd)
Subject: RE: tar, zip, gzip troubles
14 Oct 1998 04:25:59 -0700 :
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---"Kubat, Karel" <k DOT kubat AT roccadefinance DOT nl> wrote:
> More on open/fopen in binary mode.
> Earnie Boyd writes:
> > I suggest that you get the source code and find all of the
> > statements and properly add the necessary file mode processing
> > switches. Make the appropriate changes to the open/fopen statements.
> You've got my vote on this! Only problem is, fopen() doesn't know a
> or "wb" setting as I've found out. The only way I could think of while
> porting stuff, was to rewrite fopen() into open() calls, using
> as a flag.
> Are there better ways?

This is the first I've heard of this.  "rb" and "wb" should work with
fopen(), if not it's a bug and should be reported as such.

Any others on the list seen this problem?

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