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01:19:30 Re: gettimeofday function, and crypt (Geoffrey Noer)
01:49:37 [ Letter to Cygnus developers] (Geoffrey Noer)
05:21:31 Re: Removing //<drive-letter>/ (Christopher Faylor)
05:51:42 Re: [ Letter to Cygnus developers] (Christopher Faylor)
07:18:14 RE: mount() semantics (Larry Hall)
07:26:09 Re: Removing //<drive-letter>/ (Larry Hall)
07:33:48 Re: Removing //<drive-letter>/ (Christopher Faylor)
07:58:04 Re: Removing //<drive-letter>/ (Larry Hall)
08:33:16 RE: Removing //<drive-letter>/ (Sergey Okhapkin)
12:26:37 RE: mount() semantics (Parker, Ron)
12:33:40 RE: Removing //<drive-letter>/ (Parker, Ron)

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