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Subject: Re: New winsup snapshot 9/14/98
16 Sep 1998 19:09:33 -0400 :
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> With the registry, possibly we'd could support /dev as a
> "directory that lives in the registry".  Hmm, that might
> be a nice generalization for other stuff, too.

How about this idea: Create a real /dev directory in
posix-land.  If you look for, say, "/dev/scd0", check for
"/dev/scd0.dll" and support an API for extending
device-space.  The API would have to be passed the name you
found it as (scd0) and you'd have to have one copy of the
dll for each device (unless we grokked the trailing digits)
but it would be infinitely expandable.  Probably a lot of
work too.

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