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From: cgf AT cygnus DOT com (Christopher Faylor)
Subject: Re: One more path handling bug.
16 Sep 1998 13:46:27 -0700 :
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To: Sergey Okhapkin <sos AT prospect DOT com DOT ru>,
"'cygwin32-developers AT cygnus DOT com'" <cygwin32-developers AT cygnus DOT com>

On Thu, Sep 17, 1998 at 12:02:14AM +0400, Sergey Okhapkin wrote:
>bash-2.01$ pwd
>bash-2.01$ cd a
>bash-2.01$ pwd
>	(nofinalslash): do not use decrement as argument of SLASH_P macro because 		of side effect.

Yup.  I noticed it just after Geoff made the net release.  It is already
fixed in our sources.

cgf AT cygnus DOT com

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