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From: sos AT prospect DOT com DOT ru (Sergey Okhapkin)
Subject: RE: The latest winsup snapshot.
16 Sep 1998 03:45:13 -0700 :
Message-ID: <01BDE180.B504DC20.cygnus.cygwin32.developers@sos>
To: "'cygwin32-developers AT cygnus DOT com'" <cygwin32-developers AT cygnus DOT com>,
"'Sergey Okhapkin'" <sos AT prospect DOT com DOT ru>

Sergey Okhapkin wrote:
> 1. Configure scripts runs much slower with a new dll! For example, 
configure of bash-2.02 takes 2m15s with the old dll and 2m57s with the new 

Disabling new read code in and passing all read requests thru 
read_handler instead of creating new thred fixes performance problem (2m06s 
with a new dll). Configure scripts intensively uses pipes, but bash reads 
pipes one byte per read request.

Sergey Okhapkin,
Moscow, Russia

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