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From: sos AT prospect DOT com DOT ru (Sergey Okhapkin)
Subject: RE: ld bug
6 Jul 1998 13:22:02 -0700 :
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Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
>    --enable-c-cpplib option, windres fails to parse cpp's output. Replacing 
>    cpp with an old one fixes the problem, but I do not see anything wrong in a 
>    new cpp output!
> I tried to recreate this, but I failed.  But I'm not running on a
> Windows host; I'm using a cross from a Unix host.

Oh, sorry, it's not a windres bug, but it's the bug of new cpp - it doesn't removes 
"//" comments :-)

E:\obj\cygwin32\egcs\gcc>xgcc -E -xc-header -B./ tclsh.rc
# 1 "tclsh.rc"
// SCCS: @(#) tclsh.rc 1.15 96/09/18 18:19:38
// Version

# 1 "\\usr\\include/tcl.h" 1 3

# 16 "\\usr\\include/tcl.h" 3

Sergey Okhapkin,
Moscow, Russia

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