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From: ian AT cygnus DOT com (Ian Lance Taylor)
Subject: Re: ld bug
6 Jul 1998 12:51:42 -0700 :
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To: sos AT prospect DOT com DOT ru
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   From: Sergey Okhapkin <sos AT prospect DOT com DOT ru>
   Date: Sat, 4 Jul 1998 21:08:51 +0400

   Do you want more bugs? I have it!-) If configure current egcs snapshots 
   --enable-c-cpplib option, windres fails to parse cpp's output. Replacing 
   cpp with an old one fixes the problem, but I do not see anything wrong in a 
   new cpp output!

I tried to recreate this, but I failed.  But I'm not running on a
Windows host; I'm using a cross from a Unix host.

Can you provide any more details about the problem?  By default,
windres runs this command using popen:
    gcc -E -xc-header -DRC_INVOKED

There is presumably some difference in the output of that command
depending upon whether you are using a cpp built with
--enable-c-cpplib or not.  What is the difference?


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