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Subject: Re: What does it mean?
29 Jun 1998 13:51:54 -0700 :
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Nobody commented about it to the gnu-win32 list, 
when I asked so I figured
NT was Ok. The reason I made it OS specific was
that it involves IO, and I didn't want to slow NT down
needlessly. ;^)

On Mon, 29 Jun 1998 12:07:59 +0400, you wrote:

>Mikey wrote:
>> The x bit IS apparently set on NT by the symlink checking code,
>> but like I said on 95 it isn't set. you get a permission denied
>> whenever you try to run a shell script from $PATH without this
>> code frag.
>I have the same problem on NT too, so the code must not depend of os being run.

Linux a platform built by, and for users, standing on
the firm legs of reliability, and speed.

Microsoft Windows, a platform without a leg to stand on.

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