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Unless you are having a problem on NT with shell
scripts not being able to run from the path, you don't need this code
frag. It is OS specific, because the problem only exists
on 95. if you want to fix the symlink check code so that it
sets the x bit correctly for 95, for shell scripts you could
eliminate this code completely.

The file pointer is reset because you do a read to get the
magic. If the file is actually open O_APPEND
the readfile will return 0, and the x bit won't get set.

The shell script logic in bash.exe makes this code frag unnecessary
on NT, since everyone apparently copies bash.exe->/bin/sh
however on 95 bash.exe->/bin/sh causes lockups.

The x bit IS apparently set on NT by the symlink checking code,
but like I said on 95 it isn't set. you get a permission denied
whenever you try to run a shell script from $PATH without this
code frag.

On Mon, 29 Jun 1998 07:36:52 +0400, you wrote:

>Mikey wrote:
>> Well I wrote the patch, I think I should know what it does,
>> but just to check, take it out, and run the resulting .dll
>> on 95 with ash.exe->/bin/sh. Maybe it is unneeded now because of other 
>I have no 95 to check:-) The file should be checked for x bit in a symlink 
>checking code. Anyway, that code fragment must not depend of os being run 
>and O_APPEND logic must be outside if statement.

Linux a platform built by, and for users, standing on
the firm legs of reliability, and speed.

Microsoft Windows, a platform without a leg to stand on.

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