Mail Archives: cygwin-developers/1998/06/29/00:57:59

From: schandra AT dlsun342 DOT us DOT oracle DOT com (Sashikanth Chandrasekaran)
Subject: vfork in cygwin32
29 Jun 1998 00:57:59 -0700 :
Message-ID: <>
To: cygwin32-developers AT cygnus DOT com, schandra AT dlsun342 DOT us DOT oracle DOT com

vfork appears to be a simple wrapper over fork(). However, as per the
vfork man page, the child process uses the parent's memory. Your
implementation will obviously work when vfork is used as a faster fork
because it will yield the correct behavior.  However, it is possible to
write a program that uses vfork that gives differeent results on unix
than on nt+cygwin32 library. Please let me know if my understanding is
correct. Thanks, -sashi.  P.S: Please reply directly to me as I am not
on the mailing list.

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